Alexandra De Grave is an artist originally from Brussels who exhibits her work regularly in Europe, Asia and United States. She found her pathway to art through a series of winding roads. Her need for creating something from inside resulted in her following her calling.

The large canvases express vibrancy and strength of life and fiercely reject fatalism and determinism. Alexandra works with abstract themes and plays with colours and light. It’s a long process with movement and an abundance of bright colours, with different nuances which come alive on canvas and symbolize a shield against the darkness. The successive layers overlap and react with each other, giving an intense depth and a joyful atmosphere.

The strokes of paint on the canvases, the dialogue between the colours and the brightness, and the incessant search for balance and harmony are the threads running through her work.

Alexandra’s paintings transport us to a world full of sensitivity, life and joy.

If you ask the artist about her work, she likes to quote Edward Hopper:

“If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint”